Helfer Productions in Assoc with Script Reader - The Old Room by William Stanton

24th April - 12th May 2018 - The White Bear Theatre, Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4DJ

Fine drama deals not only with issues that sound contemporary resonances, but also with how those issues effect individuals and their relationships. The Old Room examines issues of trust as they are played out in our complex world, where we leave traces of our past and our activities constantly. Within this exposing world how can we negotiate personal relationships, particularly when we are involved with activities that may be deemed politically sensitive? Who can we trust and what can we trust them with? - Martin Harvey - Director

CAST - Nicholas Limm, Nicole Roberts, Karina Knapinska, Patrick Romer, Frazer Blaxland and Miranda Shamiso.

CREATIVES - Writer - William Stanton, Director - Martin Harvey, Producer - Shenagh Govan, Designer - Natalia Alvarez, Assistant Director - Charlotte Evans

BRITISH THEATRE GUIDE - 'William Stanton's low-key political thriller The Old Room touches on many current controversies from the antics of Cambridge Analytica to the increasing hostility between the Russian and UK intelligence services. The play's short scene structure maintains a sombre atmosphere as it conjures up a world of troubled spooks and precarious relationships'.

LONDONTHEATRE1.COM - 'What makes a play like The Old Room successful is its ability to make the portrayal of pertinent contemporary issues believable. It's certainly a very timely play, coming weeks before the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations. An absorbing and thoughtful play that explores the consequences of online hacking for all parties concerned'.

THE SPY IN THE STALLS - 'The production from Martin Harvey is smooth and controlled. Nicholas Limm brings clarity to Sam, Nicole Roberts' Nina has some really interesting moments, strong support comes from Patrick Romer, who plays Gant with a compelling smarminess' 

Rehearsed Reading

The Old Room by William Stanton

The Old Room at Park Theatre, Clifton Terrace, London N4 3JP
on Monday 22nd February, 7.30pm. 

Two people meet by chance in a city bar.  She's there to meet a friend who works for 4-C, a political lobbying organisation.  He's working on 4-C's computer security and is there to meet someone who doesn't turn up.  They seem attracted to each other, but how open can people be in a society where privacy theft, betrayal and coercion are everyday reality, sanctioned by government? 

The Old Room – theft of privacy, betrayal of secrets, undermining resistance.  And that's only in public. 

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